WORK FROM HOME TODAY … Get Paid at Home Tomorrow!

Work From Home Today … Get Paid at Home Tomorrow!

work from homeCongratulations on making the decision to work from home. It’s the best decision you’ve made so far because you just changed your life for the better. Studies show that 84 million people abandoned the workforce to begin earning a living from home so you’re not alone. The economy is so bad people have become very creative at learning how to make money without a 9 to 5 job.



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You didn’t read the headline wrong and there is nothing bogus about it. I’m going to teach you how to start working at your home computer today and get paid on Friday. There are a lot of people that want to start a business, but very few actually take the plunge. You should commend yourself for taking this step to perform a little research about work from home jobs and how to make money on the Internet.

The first job I want to discuss is writing articles. If you know how to write articles such as this one you can begin working right now and get paid on Friday. How? Go to a website named and sign up for a writer’s account. Make sure you enter your email address correctly when you sign up because you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link which will allow you to verify your account. You can begin working immediately after you verify your account and the company pays every Friday via PayPal. Since you get paid every Friday, it’s almost like having a regular job, except you work when you want to and you’re under no obligation to ‘report’ to work every day.

There are a lot of other ways to work from home, but working over the Internet is a good start and if you do it correctly, you can create a residual income stream so you make money even if you don’t work every day. However, to be able to create a residual income you need to learn Internet marketing strategies, and you have to be patient because it’s not going to happen overnight.

You can work for a company if you want to, or if it makes you feel more secure. What you do is go to a jobs website such as and sign up for a job answering phones or collecting consumer information. Those types of jobs require you to sign in every day at a specified time and they’ll monitor your time via a software program installed on your computer.

The skills required for most home based phone answering and virtual assistant jobs are the same as those required for office work. To qualify for that kind of employment you’ll need a computer and a separate phone line. Unfortunately, those companies don’t allow cell phones so you’ll have to get a landline if you don’t have one. Some companies will also require a fax and printer, you can send faxes over the Internet, but you will have to purchase a printer if you don’t own one.

There are a lot of companies currently hiring independent contractors to work as virtual customer service agents from home. You can work for wireless carriers, retailers, roadside assistance providers and major cruise lines.
You can also start a babysitting business in your home or a dog walking service if you enjoy working with animals. There are endless possibilities and as long as you think positively, you’ll find something that suits your needs and talents. Begin by making a list of the things you enjoy doing so you’re happy with your job and make sure to perform research into pricing schedules for the service you want to provide.

Finally, you can work from home if you put your mind to it. Take your time to perform research on companies that are hiring virtual assistants or start your own business by providing a service.

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